Sample Letter 1:

Dear State Senators and Representatives:

    I am writing to ask you to support important criminal justice reform.  House Bill 2036 puts the power back into the hands of the professional parole board. It promotes rehabilitation. It saves Missourians millions of tax dollars. Offenders who have an incentive to prove their willingness to be good members of our society will be a benefit to our communities.
    There are currently 34,000 men and women who are incarcerated in Missouri.  Thousands more are in county jails waiting for space to become available.  This puts a terrible strain on local law enforcement.  The space in county jails should be used for people that local law enforcement need to get off our streets.  It should not be used as extra bed space for the prisons.  Giving offenders the opportunity to show reform would help alleviate this overcrowding problem. Law enforcement officers understand this.
    Please do the right thing and support House Bill 2036.  If an inmate is unable to show good behavior, then the parole board will have him remain in prison. However, it makes no sense to waste the productivity of people who can show that they are willing to be constructive members of our society.  As a taxpayer, I would rather that person was out working and paying taxes than for my taxes to be spent housing and feeding them.
    Please feel free to contact me regarding this.